World leading traceability software for "Food Security" and "Food Safety"

AKOL is a leading software house in Israel that provides to the agricultural sector comprehensive computer-based and communications solutions.

Our main platform is "AKOLogic" - The first "Agricultural Cloud" in the world, based on Microsoft Cloud "Azure", using a SAAS - Software as a Service model. The system allows monitoring the process until the supermarket - Full Traceability.

By using our monitoring and control system you can active:
  • Immediate improvement the quality - Food safety
  • A significant increase in quantities - Food security
  • Prediction of pests and disease treatment - Plant Protection
  • Considerable savings in expenses and proper distribution of resources - Efficiency
  • Using growth protocol (known) and international regulatory compliance - Global Gap, PrimusLabs, etc.
  • Implementation methodologies and efficiency processes in the agriculture sector (including using agricultural sensors and devices) - Innovation
  • Allowing the consumer in the supermarket to know where the vegetable grows and what materials used - Transparency and information sharing
  • Working with internationals entities. The system fully supports all languages.

Support team

From our experience in similar projects in the world we found that the right way to penetrate to a new country and integrate our system is:

Phase A: Finding the right customer

Together with you, we need to find the first customer the most suitable for implementing our solution. It can be an agricultural association, a private company, a government office, public entity and even agricultural academic institution.

Phase B: Gap analysis

Preparing a joint seminar (including a number of individual sessions after the seminar, officials in the agricultural sector) to understand the current situation, mapping the needs and presentation of the proposed solution by us. At the end of this stage we will write specification document that includes a detailed work plan for implementing the system.

Phase C: Development of the custom tailored adjustments

Based on the specification document AKOL's engineers will develop the necessary software adjustments. It is important to know that we prefer to work with a local partner which help us at each stage of the software implementation.

Phase D: Installation, testing and operation of the system at a selected site

Joint teams will be guided by the AKOL team, perform the first systems integration at the first chosen customer (pilot).

Phase E: Support growers over time

Support of at least one growth cycle from start to finish. At this point all parties will be able to learn about the right process of growth and control accordance with the new standards.

Phase F: Ongoing Operation

Operation of the system on an ongoing basis and provision of user support.

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